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We at TSR Films adhere to the following basic rules when placing advertising our cinema network:

  • TSR Films, reserves the right to determine the acceptability of any advertisement and its decision shall be final. A formal Advertising Agreement shall be entered into, which shall specify all the terms and conditions of engagement.
  • All requests to screen spots in Theatres must be sent to us in defined Release Orders format only.
  • TSR Films, will only carry advertising and sponsorship material that complies with our ethical and professional standards - including but not limited to matters of good taste, accuracy, public policy, sound health-care practices and Government regulations.
  • No advertising associated with firearms, ammunition, pornography, tobacco or gambling will be carried.
  • It is incumbent upon our advertisers to comply with local rules and regulations regarding the advertising of their products.
  • It will be the responsibility of the Advertiser to get all the advertising material duly cleared by Censor Board.
  • Deadline for placement for advertisements shall be one week prior to the schedule of the ad in the theatres.
  • Advertisers and advertising agencies jointly and severally agree to be responsible for payment to TSR Films Private Limited.
  • TSR Films reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement.
  • Advertiser and Agency both agree that it will indemnify and hold harmless TSR Films Private limited, its Directors, Officers, Employees and Agents from all liabilities, including reasonable attorney's fees and other costs of defense, arising from any actions or claims for libel, slander, disparagement, trade libel, invasion of privacy, or other causes of action resulting from the exposing the commercial of the Advertiser.


TSR Advertising provides cinema marketing solutions to its advertising clients on a national and local basis through on-screen sight, sound and motion - Cinema Spots.

Cinema Spots

  • Cinema spots are commercial advertisements that provide maximum impact when aired on the big screen as a prelude to blockbuster entertainment. Cinema spots start at the feature film's published show time in a lights-down environment ensuring advertiser's brands are seen by an attentive audience.
  • TSR Films is the most flexible audio visual medium. We accept & shows commercial having duration of 10 sec or more.
  • Material can be supplied in .MOV/ HD/ SD format on Hard Disk, DVD, Digibeta, Beta.
  • For best results we suggest converting directly from the advertisers master output from the editing machine before it is dumped on to the betacam tape. Once the data is captured on to our system we can deliver the same digitally to theatres, eliminating the need of an advertisement print thus saving on the cost of the prints. The entire cost of conversion to our digital format is borne by us.

Cinema Slides

  • Cinema advertising slides with 5.1 surround sound can be screened at TSR Theatres Ads of different duration can appear on-screen.
  • Accepted Formats: Photoshop images with an extension of .psd, .jpg, and .tif. Illustrator images with an extension of .ai & .eps *All digital files must be in RGB colour mode and at least 300 dpi.

Censor Certificate

  • Censor certificate for each of the commercials aired in theatres is mandatory.

Material Required

  • Beta / Digi Beta tape for commercials.
  • Photoshop images with an extension of .psd, .jpeg, .tif for slides.
  • All material and release order must reach at least 10 days in advance
  • For cinema spots, material can be supplied in .MOV/HD/SD format on hard disk, DVD, Digibeta, Beta.
  • For cinema slides, material can be supplied in Photoshop images with an extension of .psd, .jpeg, .tif. Illustrator images with an extension of .ai & .eps * All Digital files must be in RGB colour mode and at least 300 dpi resolution.
  • For cinema slides audio material can be supplied in .wav file format.


  • The most effective advertising medium in India today is Cinema advertising. Cinema allows the advertisers reach the desired target customer. With Captive audience or appointment viewing audience along with its immersive experience, larger than life image and crystal clear sound, today cinema is part of every media plan for all product categories across nation.
  • Today Cinema advertising presents advertisers with actual server logs from every screen their by presenting full proof of every spot screened in every theatre.
  • Digital cinema screening presents numerous advantages and savings to clients. Quality of the advertisement commercial remains unaltered irrespective of number of airings in any one or multiple screens across country.