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To release a movie on TSR PROVA NETWORK

  • File Format – DPX/TIFF 10/12bit
  • File Format – DPX/TIFF 10/12bit
  • D-5 Tape 24 Frames
  • Uncompressed MOV 24 Frames
  • Resolution for Scope (Without Black) 2048 X 858
  • Resolution for Flat (Without Black) 1998 X 1080
  • 48 KHz
  • 16/24 bit
  • 24 FPS
  • Please specify (L,R,LS,RS, C and LFE) the audio tracks
  • ASC Format Reel wise

Note: In case video is provided reels wise than we need audio and subtitles too reels wise and vice versa.

J2K DCP with Master KDM in 24 Frames

Producer of the content should give consent letter for digital conversion of the movie and for the content to be released in TSR PROVA network of theaters.

We honor the release orders of the authorized distributors, which will be provided by the producer in their letter.

The distributor having the rights of the content must give us the “Release order” at least before 24 hours in advance of the release of the film along with the payment of the distribution and VPF charges.Authorization of the playouts of the content in respective theatres will be done on a weekly basis, any extension to be done 24 hours before the expiry of license.

For further inquiries, please do get in touch with content@tsrprova.in